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Sportsman Rumble at WAR

Finding Events

Most events are listed on the RobotCombatEvents website. Use the page's Search feature and a Map View to search for events by location; perhaps there's one near you! If you don't see any close by, search for past events to learn which organizations operate nearby, and watch for their next event to be listed.

Hosting Events

So you've got the robot combat bug and you want to host an event. There are a lot of things involved, so before you try it you should attend one to learn how they are run. If you are sure you want to make a poor life choice and host your own event, head over to Sparc.Tools for a treasure trove of information. The site has guidelines on Tournament Procedures, Match Rules, Judging Guidelines, and Arena Construction. Once you've read everything then you need to think about where you'll store the arena, how it will be transported, where you will hold your events, and how will you get help running them. It's a big commitment and if you are ready to do it the rewards can be terrific but know what you are getting yourself into.

There are some additional resources for event organizers. There are a lot of best-practices on how to prepare for an event, set things up so they run smoothly and avoid common pitfalls. If you are serious about starting an event (it doesn't need to be a big event), send an email to to be put into contact with other organizers.

Current Event Clubs

Here is a partial list of robot combat events (click arrows on column headings to sort by name, location, or weight class). These are clubs, organizations and even individuals putting on events worldwide. Many hold multiple events each year. In all cases they should be thanked! Most use either the SPARC or FRA rules, but if you are planning on competing, check with each event's organizer for the specific rules they will use.

Event Organizations
Event State City Country Supported Classes
Adelaide Robot Combat South Australia Adelaide AU 150g
Albury Wodogaro Robot Battles New South Wales Albury AU 150g
Angry Rooster Robotics Alabama Huntsville USA 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb
Antweight World Series England, occasionally others Touring event - many locations UK, occasionally others 150g
Arizona Robotic Combat Arizona Phoenix USA 150g, 1lb 1lb-Plastic, 3lb
Backwoods Combat Robots Tennessee Chapel Hill USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb
Battlebots California Los Angeles USA 250lb
Bay Area Robotic Combat California Richmond USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic
Bayside Robotics Delaware Newark USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic
BeetleBelt England Burgess Hill UK 3lb
Bot'Geddon California Rocklin USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic
Bot Brawl Ontario Mississauga CA 1lb, 3lb, 30lb-Sumo, 150-Sumo
Bot Fest England Liverpool UK 150g
Bristol Bot Builders England Bristol UK 150g, 3lb, 30lb
Budget Bot Builders Colorado Colorado Springs USA 150g
BuggleBots England Bristol UK 3lb
Carolina Combat Robots North Carolina Hickory USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb
Central Illinois Robotics Club Illinois Peoria USA 1lb, 3lb
Colorado Combat Robotics Colorado Denver USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb, 30lb-Sportsman
Combat Robotics NZ Auckland Grafton NZ 1lb, 3lb
Combat Robots of Oklahoma Oklahoma Tulsa USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Competitive Robotics at Sacramento State California Sacramento USA 1lb
Dutch Robot Games Gelderland Ulft NL 30lb
German Roboteers Association Lower Saxony Hannover DE 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb
Houston Area Combat Robotics Texas Houston USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Ipswich Robotics Sport Group Queensland Brisbane AU 150g, 3lb
MakerspaceCT Connecticut Hartford USA 3lb Maryland Baltimore USA 1lb-Plastic
Melbourne Combat Robotics Victoria Melbourne AU 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Middle Tennessee Robotics Art Society Tennessee Nashville USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Midwest Robot Combat Association (MRCA) Milwaukee Wisconsin USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Minnesota Combat Robotics Minnesota Eagan USA 150g, 1lb
Missouri Robot Fights Missouri Joplin USA 1lb
National Robotics League Various Various USA 15lb
North East Robotics Club Pennsylvania Harrisburg USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb, 30lb-Sportsman
Norwalk Havoc Robot League Connecticut Norwalk USA 3lb, 12lb, 30lb
Ohio Robotics Club Ohio Sandusky USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 6lb
Oregon State Combat Robotics Oregon Corvallis USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic
Queensland Robotics Sports Club Queensland - AU -
RoboCore Minas Gerais Santa Rita do Sapucaí BR 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 30lb, 60lb
RoboDojo England York UK 150g, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb
Robot Battles Georgia Atlanta USA 1lb, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb
Robot Riot Florida West Palm Beach USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Robot Ruckus Florida Orlando USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb, 220lb-Sportsman
Robowars Australia Queensland Brisbane AU 30lb
Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club Saskatchewan Saskatoon CA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Smashbotz California Los Angeles USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb, 12lb
Southern California Attack Robotics California Walnut USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 12lb, 15lb
Texas Robot Combat Texas Dallas USA 150g, 1lb, 3lb
Utah Combat Robotics Utah Salt Lake City USA 1lb, 3lb
Vegas Combat Robotics Nevada Las Vegas USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb
Western Allied Robotics Washington Seattle USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb-Sportsman
Wisconsin Robot Combat Wisconsin Oconomowoc USA 150g, 1lb, 1lb-Plastic, 3lb

Past Event Pages

These events are no longer active