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Robot Combat Kits

Many people don't have the fabrication or design experience to make a robot on their own, so starting out with a pre-designed kit is a great way to get into the sport. Check out your local events to see what weight-classes are supported. Make sure you know what is included in your kit; radios, batteries, or battery chargers are often optional items.

FingerTech Viper Antweight with Flipper option

150g Kits

The Bristol Bot Builders kit has the parts you'll need to get started but you'll need to make your own chassis.
Nuts and Bots 150g kits come in three flavors, a wedge, a flipper and a grabber. These kits are underweight giving you room to add armor or to customize them.
Turnabot has several 3D printed non-destructive robots with lifters and grabbers. The kits come as parts that you can put together yourself, or fully assembled at extra cost. Slipper, a Lifter. Squeezy, a Horizontal Grabber. Santis and Slammer are Lifter/grabber bots with carry and suplex attacks.

1lb Kits

The Antweight Horizontal Spinner Kit by Combat Robot Kits is a durable and powerful tombstone style kit. Great for beginners or anyone looking to upgrade to a more action packed kit for an reasonable price.
The Antweight Starter Kit by Combat Robot Kits has all the working parts for an antweight combat robot; build your own chassis to go with this extremely affordable partial kit.
The Baby Nautiloid is a 2 wheel drive vertical spinner kit.
The Betz Botz NE2.7 is durable wedge robot.
The FingerTech Viper is a popular starting place. Operate as a wedge, or use the lifter, vertical spinner, or horizontal spinner add-ons which make it a great expandable option for new builders.
The Candy Wasp antweight kit from isn't as flexible as the viper kit but it is super durable and more likely to survive a competition.
The Hellraiser is a well built drum kit but is for more intermediate builders.
The Lobotomy kit has an effective undercutter but is for intermediate builders.
The Phantom Antweight Starter Kit antweight kit is an affordable choice.
The Phantom Horizontal Spinner Kit Proven and user friendly antweight horizontal spinner kit.
The Saifu drum bot kit is for more advanced builders and has won many events. This is a great choice for builders who want a kit robot with a powerful weapon.
The Taserface kit has a powerful vertical disk and is a good choice for intermediate builders who want a weapon bot.
The Synthwave kit is a 4WD dual disk vertical spinner with a lot of style designed for intermediate kit builders.

1lb Plastic Ant Kits

These are designed for Plastic Ant class competitions. Using a 3D printer, you can print replacement parts using the files provided.

The Palm Beach Dead Shaft Delight kit is an all plastic drum spinner.
Also available is Plastic Poison, a horizontal undercutter spinner bot.
The Palm Beach Super Scooper kit lets you build a lifter.
Try the Team Malice SCAR Kit kit offers ant-ready electronics. Join the chat community to learn more about the variety of printable bot options being developed.

3lb Kits

D2 Beetle from BotKits
Jolt! v2.1 Kit from Absolute Chaos Robotics
SSP Beetleweight Lifter Kit as seen at NHRL

The SSP Lifter Kit is a fantastic option for beginners as it has a lifter rather than a dangerous spinner, and at just 2.25 pounds for a base kit, it's easy to upgrade. The CAD files are available for free to make upgrades or print your own spares. It has a durable machined UHMW chassis and AR500 fork and wedge options.
The Black Frost chassis kit is a great way to start off with a beetleweight robot.
The D2 kit features a durable titanium wedge and CNC milled aluminum frame, and has won many events. Some builders don't like this kit because it is so competitive but it takes hours of practice to learn how to drive it well.
The MW1 kit is basically half a D2 kit, having only drive wheels and a billet aluminum frame, and is intended for advanced builders who want to add their own weapons and who have the facilities to mill the frame to their requirements.
The Weta drum bot kit is a classic design with protected wheels for more advanced builders who are ready for an active weapon.
The VectorLink dead 2023-03 kit has a powerful horizontal spinner. This kit and website have been discontinued.
The Jolt! V2 kit is an updated 4WD version of the powerful undercutting disk spinner design for intermediate kit builders.
The Team OgreKill "DONKEY" kit is a solidly built wedge with a powerful brushless drive system.
Smeetleweight is a fun version of the popular bot Smeeeee!
The FingerTech Beater Bundle offers a menu of materials to make a beater bar bot, but leaves it to the builder to cut and shape the materials to make the frame.
Peter Bar Kit is a highly destructive and successful vertical spinner design, recommended for experienced builders.
The pricey Exile kit has a tool steel drum spinner and one-piece billet aluminum frame.

Bigger Robot Kits

BattleKits aren't fully functional kits but are drive platforms for larger robots ranging from sixty pound lightweights to two hundred fifty pound Battlebots. You'll need to fashion your own wedge or weapon to make these bots ready for combat.