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Robot Combat Kits

Many people don't have the fabrication or design experience to make a robot on their own so starting out with a kit is a great way to get into the sport. Be sure to check out your local event to see what weight-classes are supported. Make sure you know what is included in your kit. Most don't come with radios, batteries, or battery chargers.

FingerTech Viper Antweight

150g Kits
The Bristol Bot Builders kit has the parts you'll need to get started but you'll need to make your own chassis.
Nuts and Bots 150g kits come in three flavors, a wedge, a flipper and a grabber. These kits are underweight giving you room to add armor or to customize them.
The Spark! kit is an undercutting disk spinner design intended for intermediate kit builders.

1lb Kits
The FingerTech Viper is a popular starting place. The Viper kit has lifter and both vertical spinner and horizontal spinner add-ons which make it a great expandable option for new builders.
The Candy Wasp antweight kit from isn't as flexible as the viper kit but it is super durable and more likely to survive a competition.
The Hellraiser is a well built drum kit but is for more intermediate builders.
The Lobotomy kit has an effective undercutter but is for intermediate builders.
The Saifu drum bot kit is for more advanced builders and has won many events. This is a great choice for builders who want a kit robot with a powerful weapon.
The Taserface kit has a powerful vertical disk and is a good choice for intermediate builders who want a weapon bot.
The Shock! kit is a powerful undercutting disk spinner design for intermediate kit builders.

3lb Kits

D2 Beetle from BotKits

The D2 kit is very durable and has won many events. Some builders don't like this kit because it is so competitive but it takes hours of practice to learn how to drive it well.
The MW1 kit is basically half a D2 kit and is designed for advanced builders who want to add a weapon onto the drivetrain.
The Weta drum bot kit is a powerful beetleweight for more advanced builders who are interested in a weapon robot.
The Vector kit has a powerful horizontal spinner.
The Jolt! kit is a powerful undercutting disk spinner design for intermediate kit builders.
The Smeetleweight kit is a wedge that looks to be difficult for opponents to avoid through high speed driving and an extremely wide design.
The FingerTech BeaterBar Kit is an advanced kit containing all of the materials to make a beater bar bot, but leaving it to the builder to cut and shape the materials to make the frame.

Bigger Robot Kits
BattleKits aren't fully functional kits but are drive platforms for larger robots ranging from sixty pound lightweights to two hundred fifty pound Battlebots. You'll need to fashion your own wedge or weapon to make these bots ready for combat.