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Still configuring things I used a 'canned' configuration on AWS to set up the wiki. It is not sending the correct user IP addresses to the application. We need to uncheck the block IP checkbox when we block users. If we don't we will inadvertently block legitimate users. I've identified the source of the problem in the AWS load balancer and am investigating a fix.

Question-Captcha on edit I've enabled challenge questions on account creation, editing, and page creation. Hopefully this will help stop the spam bots from creating accounts. It easy to change/add questions.

Question. I wish to upload a photo from a vintage builder. What are the wiki policies for material I did not create? --Chklnk (talk) 04:31, 21 June 2021 (UTC) - I think it is OK to upload the photos that you think will enhance the site. We aren't monetizing anything here and if someone wants us to remove something we will.